La Cornue

La Cornue

La Cornue makes use of modern technology and is forever improving its products, but no manufacturing changes made will ever alter our determination to preserve the noble values traditionally associated with handicraft production.

La Cornue use only noble materials, selected and chosen for their quality and their longevity: cast iron, steel, solid brass, nickel and enamel.

We steadily build a few hundred Châteaux per year, which we proudly dispatch to destinations all over the world. We take all of the time we need in order to make them correctly, which is to say according to our strictest quality criteria.

Each Château, Each Cornuchef is assembled by hand and by one person; this person will follow production through to the end and finalize every last detail. Each kitchen range is monitored, controlled and tested at all the stages of production.

One hundred years of bliss!

In 1908, Paris was sizzling. The Belle Epoque brought with it a host of spectacular inventions. If you didn’t own a Hispano, you travelled on the new Metro. Thanks to the prevalence of gas lighting, Paris became known as the “City of Light”.

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